Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buggers for Bugs!

The mini-season for Florida Lobster is this week! The Keys will be invaded by many thousands of Florida Lobster fans searching everywhere for the bugs as they are called. I normally stay out of the madness during mini-season. There are way too many people in, on and under the water. That normally means that a few people perish hunting bugs. Not a good thing.

As a reminder for the mini-season visitors, Florida Lobster are tasty but not to die for. So play nice and don't do anything stupid. Make sure you have your diver down flag up when your divers are down and not vice versa. Even if you don't see a flag, pretend you do and slow down just in case. Stay in your limits or you may be down on a lobster vacation and going back on probation. Before you shoot that grouper with a spear gun make sure you know what kind and how big first.

Also remember that seawalls are off limits. There are a lot of locals that don't take from their seawalls, canals and boat basins because it is kinda neat seeing all the critters that like to live there if you don't kill everything. So respect the no fishing, swimming or diving signs, please.

Have fun, catch bugs and stay safe.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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