Friday, January 13, 2012

General Rental Boat Stuff.

I try to keep the Marathon Area boat rental information current. Somethings, like what boat is getting new power or who is getting new boats, some I pick up, some I don't. One of the guys online did his homework, checked my blog and checked out a few companies on the list for what his needs were. He was nice enough to give me an update, which I am going to post,

A couple tidbits for you ont he folks I called if you want to post it...

Capt Pips 15 miles Atlantic or Gulf, Bahia Mar to Duck Key. We pick up
Fish n Fun 10 miles off hill, and 10 miles E/W from Where you stay. Free Delivery
Tropical 25 miles either Side. We pick up. 5 miles from Duck. Cleanest newest fleet
Vacation 25 miles off, either side. #8 getting new Suzuki right now. Free delivery. Return by 4:00 of last day. $300 deposit, refundable w/in 15 days.

Price wise.. in the 20-22 ft range:

Pips Pips Fish N Fun Fish N Fun Tropical Vacation
Rental Rental Rental Rental Rental Rental
23ParkerF225 20HornF150 22Parker150 23Parker175 22SeaChaseF150 22SeaChase150S
1500 / wk 1210 / wk 1100 / wk 1230 / wk 1253 / wk 1195 / wk

So, vacation was actually the cheapest, let's me take the boat the farthest in case it's slick calm one day, they deliver for free and have ZERO east / west restrictions... just 25 from the hill. AND they say they're putting a new motor on mine. We'll see. I was actually eyeballing that 20ft Pro Cat pretty hard, but it was already taken. My favorite of the bunch was the 23 parker... especially if it had tabs on it. With that flat back I bet it sips the fuel and with 23 ft of waterline I'm sure I could ease off the throttle a little bit and punch through a pretty sporty little sea out there, PLUS have a low draft in the bay. Oh well, they only wanted to give me 10 miles, so... If it's slick calm I might want to venture out a little farther than that. Especially if the boat has a decent VHF and antenna. I'll also be bringing my personal EPIRB just in case we want to venture out a little farther than some would in a single outboard. Sure makes me nervous in somebody else's boat. If it's a new Zuke I'm pretty comfortable, though.

I could easily have gone tropical, but the free delivery was just hard to beat. It's our honeymoon. We'll probably get in late Saturday... will be nice to wake up and have the boat just appear before we go lobster scouting.

Thought y'all might find it interesting. The new power, the Suzuki and free delivery were big factors. I can see that. Range is another that comes into play for most of the way off shore guys. Price wise, they are in the same range, noting that the first Capt. Pips boat is a bigger with a bigger engine. As I have said a dozen times, all these rental companies do a fine job, it just boils down to your needs and your budget.

Most Keys regulars know that range is not that big of an issue, unless you are planning to do a Keys tour, fishing wise, you don't have to run far to get fish. Which is why I am down here, I got tired of having to run 40 to 60 miles to find fish up North :)

Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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