Thursday, January 12, 2012

Muttons Honey

Lil' Chris, er.. Captain Chris Morin, with his angler Dave from the frozen north country posing with what's for dinner, a mutton snapper of respectable size. This is Chris with the Walkabout Charters LLC which I be fishing with. Lately, he has been doing the mutton thing while I do the bridge thing. It's all good, I catch more fish for the guys that want more meat and more action, he catches bigger fish, though not as many, at least today, it was a little slow. It was slow probably because the weather was freakin' beautiful!

I sat at the dock today experimenting with chocolate lava cupcakes. I need to adjust the chocolate melting point a touch to get the right flow rate, but taste wise, the first try was not bad at all! Tomorrow, will be bait catching and mangroves for dinner, then four days with the private boat and rental boat guys.

Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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