Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sinking Feeling

This is supposed to be a post on some kick butt reef fishing during some of the most beautiful December fishing weather I can remember, but the boat tried to sink.

No, I was not on the boat.  I was not near the boat.  The boat and I have never met, the owner of the boat called me in the AM with the "Houston! We have a problem.", voice.  I haven't heard back from the owner, but sink the boat was at the dock, that is understandable.

News  Well, I start tomorrow as the assistant to the assistant to the dock master at Pancho's Fuel Dock.  I have been thoroughly trained in sticking the fuel tanks, checkout on the cash register and have new ice basket fetching shoes.  Some folks think I may even have some clue what I am doing, which is a good thing I hear.  It is a two day a week gig so I am scheduling guide trips round Thursdays and Fridays.  I only have a few conflicts so far.

More news  The Seven Mile Grill, under new management  is scheduled to reopen in a grand way around the 15th.  That is a secret though, so don't tell nobody.  I hear that I will be one of the official tasters and will report on that when available.

Even more news  Harbor Point Marine which had a higher end rental boat business for a while before it went under is no longer under.  That is also under new management.   I will make a post on the new operation once I actually see the new operation.

It is mighty nice reporting on openings instead of closing.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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