Saturday, June 08, 2013

Deposits - Refunds and other Bidness Stuff

Now that the weather has improved I am getting more reliable bookings.  Since I have never done a real post on my business policies, such that they are, here ya go.

Deposits:  To confirm a date I request a small deposit on Paypal, the Captain's tip jar button on the blog.  When you make a deposit, include a brief note on the date(s).  This deposit automatically provides me with your email, address, full name or the credit card holder and phone number if available.  It makes my life simple.  I only ask for a small deposit for two reasons, first, Paypal takes their cut.  Second, if there is a cancellation for whatever reason it simplifies refunds.

Refunds:  Paypal policy allows simple refunds for 60 days from the time of the deposit.  I am into simple so I have the same policy.  I am also forgetful.  If you think you should get a refund, let me know, but with the small deposit amounts, ~$20 US, my forgetfulness generally doesn't create much heartburn on the deposit side.

Payments:  I don't much care how you pay.  Since I am basically a day laborer or glorified mate with local experience in your temporary employ, cash is nice, checks dandy and credit cards via Paypal hunky dory also.   Both checks and Paypal have some added expense, but not enough to write home about, provided the checks don't bounce.  Paypal is very convenient though for most folks and even has policies where if you think I am some kind of scammer, you can get your money back.  It is a bit tough to get cash out of my hands, just ask anyone that knows me, so if you have concerns, Paypal is a great option.

Extended Dates:  Since there is a lot to learn down here in the Keys I get a lot of requests for an extra day or two.  That is a first come first served kind of thing.  In the winter I generally try to keep a few days open for weather delays and extended dates.  That works most of the time, but can create issues when I have late bookings trying to fit one day in here or there.  This can come down to what kind of fishing you will accept instead of what you want.  Dedicated offshore anglers have the smallest weather window so I often take inshore and bridges guys when offshore is closed due to sportier than normal conditions.  The boat size and type is a factor as is crew stamina, so sometimes we just have to wing it. 

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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  1. Dallas....thanks for the refund. You didn't have to do that but I appreciate it.
    That weather sucked but we landed a blue marlin on Friday 5/31. Every squirrel finds a nut I guess!

    Ft. Myers.