Sunday, June 09, 2013

Niles Channel with the Jakes

The pair of Jakes looking forward to a fishing adventure in the back country of Big Torch Key.  This was billed as a tour more than a catching trip.  Niles channel is not really that hard to navigate, but Dave, dad of one of the Jakes thought it was worth inviting me along.  Thanks to wind against current, the first couple of fishing spots I tried along the tour were not all that productive.  With the wind and current lined up or in the same general direction, chumming is much more productive. 

I did find a little island that will remain nameless with a nice drop off right next to the Mangroves.  Not the son of Dave Jake, found this Baracuda which up until today is his largest catch Evah!  I am pretty confident that will change since that 'cuda and the nice size Jack that the Dave's son Jake caught will make primo shark bait this evening or in the morning. 

I am take the day off tomorrow, but if the winds cut us some slack, the Jakes should experience a bit of offshore dolphin and tuna action the day after.  That will be a fishing trip not a back country tour.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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