Friday, June 07, 2013

 After doing something to change his rotten weather luck, I believe he performed a Sage cleansing or some other ritual, Mark finally was able to brave the 20 plus knot winds with some hope that the rains had stopped and the winds would drop as the day progressed.  We dipped the bow of the boat about 20 times while trolling out to 400 foot of water, missed the first chance with line tangle cluster, then struck Dorado!

Another nice gaffer around twenty pounds with lock jawed companions.  Even the small legal size swingers (about 4 pounds) were not into a bailing mood, so we had troll up all the fish with lures, mainly the blue/silver Dallas Darts (similar to jet heads but cheaper since I know the guy that makes them).  Along with the dolphin, a trio of Black Fin Tuna mugged us on one pass.  Then the Little Tunny took over making it difficult to find anymore fish for the freezer.

The fish were all in the 320 to 400 foot range after the fairly stiff South to SouthWest winds for the past two days.  Weed lines were completely broken up with only tiny patches here and there which seemed to be enough for the fish.  The Sooty Terns were working over time spotting fish though, which makes life easier.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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