Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A little Offshore Report

With plans of a box full of dolphin we headed offshore yesterday.  Since Windfinder missed the front that was moving or at least trying to move through, we did not head all the way to the wall.  With winds just under 20 knots the seas were fishable but a little confused and bumpy.

Skipjack tuna were the only fish interested in eating.  There were plenty of Sargasso Weeds in the 600 foot area with fliers and a fair number of birds.  The fish under the birds though were not fired up.  Instead of the normal mugging where every line gets bent we only picked up single fish.   That reduces the catch considerably so instead of eight of ten fish in the box we only ended up with two by noon.  Luckily we had chum and live shrimp to fall back on and added some yellowtail to the box for appetizers in the afternoon.

Today Winder is calling for mainly calm conditions with the wind shifting to the west in the afternoon.  West winds are not good down here if they are strong enough to screw the currents up.  Calm or near calm though should still produce plenty of snapper so that will be the game plan, patches in the morning to catch snapper and bait then trading the bait in on bigger snapper in the afternoon.  Since the guys want action, the Seven Mile Rubble pile will get tossed in there some time today.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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