Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Dolphin are Still Biting

Manny has been trying to fish with me a few years but things hadn't worked out.  This week he hunted me down to learn the "secrets" of dolphin catching.  Well, I guess the secret is perseverance.  We found a few dozen frigate birds out in 1000 foot of water working over smallish Skipjack tuna but nada on the dolphin.

So we ran back in to a spot on the Ups and Down I can general count on a bit of a rip or eddy current.  There was a trickle of weeds and a few floaters loaded with the cursed mini Almaco Jacks and micro triggers.  We decided to troll a bout further from the weed trickle to avoid the Jacks and managed to entice a few decent Mahi out that way.  The best tactic turn out to be patience.  We let all the Jacks and other baits make themselves to home under the boat until we were the dominate floater in the neighborhood and end up close to our limit in mixed swinger and gaffers.

Not the most impressive catch I have ever produced, but considering bananas in the ice chest pretty remarkable.  I have been known to use the banana myth on occasion and after the ceremonial flinging of the bananas into the sea, we managed a couple of the more respectable fish on live Pinfish.

Now I have to find my Queen Snapper crystal ball.  I hardly ever deep drop down here because it falls into the PITA fishing category a lot like deep jigging. Since most of my reasonable deepish drop numbers are loaded with the endangered genuine America Red Snapper, which are always closed since they are on the brink of extinction somewhere near the University of Northern South Dakota, I rarely even do the Mutton dropping thing.  However, if I can relocate some of those nearly lost brain cells I may have a deep drop post in a few weeks.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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