Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Nothing but Mangroves

Kind of rare really, fishing for Mangroves and putting nothing in the box but Mangroves.  I guided a crew back into the Bay today to see how the Mangrove bite was doing.  I expected to see a Sea Trout or two and a few Cero mackerel, but we boated nothing but Mangroves.  We did have one nice Cero to the boat, but swinging was picked instead of the gaff so that one got away.  Not a bad size Cero, but hey, pooh pooh occurs.

Anywho, the Mangrove bite was a bit slow but steady using chucks of fresh ballyhoo.  All the fish in the box are respectable with an average size of about 15 inches or close to two pounds.  There were a couple of mystery fish, I suspect large Mangroves for a couple along with a few sharks and more than enough pesky Needlefish.  The Needlefish are most likely the reason for no trout and only the one Cero.  Tons of Ballyhoo showed up in the slick and we of course had plenty of Pinfish for bait, though Ballyhoo chucks got the most use.

The crew really wants to do the Dolphin thing but the bay boat passengers require calmer conditions.  We will shot for a Thursday offshore if the weather cooperates.  Until then the crew has Mangrove to munch on, lobster to chase, cocktails to sip on by the pool  and your typical relaxing stuff to do.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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