Monday, March 09, 2009

Flawed Science

This may or not be over the head of my usual following,but it needs to be said. There are a lot of scientific types spouting scientific sounding stuff that sounds scientific but is pure rubbish. I am a pretty nice guy but I don't suffer fools. This article attempts to make a scientific conclusion based on photographic evidence of past catch photos.

I can dig up hundreds of old photos of Tarpon hanging from signs from the same period. Are tarpon endangered? No they are fine and as a catch and release fishery getting better. I can dig up old photos of Sailfish hanging under signs. Are they endangered? No, they are doing quite fine. Are there fish species that are in trouble? Yes, because the protected Goliath Grouper is overly abundant in some areas causing problems and some are over fished commercially.

Review the article linked and think how stupid it is to not factor in changes in regulations. Not the sharpest tack in the box they are, but they get press.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas


  1. Is there a place on the web that has the "latest" saltwater records that could debunk, or at least defray the 50 year destruction conclusion that the article in question tries to portray? Just a thought. I have pulled a couple but most of them where not current but shed a bit of light on how preposterous the authors conclusions. From what I can see there is a bit of "apples to oranges" in the air.


  2. yer an idjit.

  3. Oh... to the contrary, you are obviously a scholar Mr. Anonymous let alone your courage... or should I say lack of... Shall we debate? TB

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