Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Half Day on the Reef

Well so much for having the camera phone figured out, got a great pic of my finger. Was supposed to be a photo of a nice 18" Mutton caught by my crew today. They only wanted to catch and release so the mutton is still there for next time along with lots of yellowtail. A half dozen yellowtail were gut hooked, with circle hooks by the way, that were donated to Omar.

The radio was dead quiet and we had the reef pretty much to ourselves. There was about 8 knots of breeze, very little current and clear water. Still, the 'tails bit like they haven't eaten in weeks. One block of chum in a fine mesh bag lasted three hours with no break in the action until the current changed at 11:30. Talk about cheap catching! The ballyhoo got real brave since I didn't bring the castnet.

It looks like the early summer is going to be great for loading the boat with tasty reef fish. Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas


  1. Fishing with Captain Dallas is always fun! Men women and kids will enjoy his charm and fish tales.....

    Deputy Dog
    Charlotte NC

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