Saturday, June 05, 2010

Free Oil Change With Any Guide Trip

That's right ladies and gents get a free oil change with any guide trip you complete.  The BP oil spill is scaring the hell out of most everyone now so I have applied for a real job.  Well, it is not really a real job.  I have to sit in the air conditioning all day and sell stuff at a marina store.  Ain't a done deal yet but looking promising.  That will be a part time weekend gig so I can still run trips during the week.  I may have to move my scheduled trips around, but eating, paying the rent and other stuff is kind of improtant.

Fishing is pretty good though my last trip was a PITA.  Wind against the current in a small boat really limited my options.  Got some nice Lanes, a lot of just short grouper and a fat hogfish until the bite slowed.  Then it was grunt city.  Luckily my guys love grunt so we hammered them.  Grunts have a bad rep for charters and guide trips, but they are tasty little suckers.  I call them brown baggers, keep all you want just sneak them off the boat in a brown paper bag so people won't talk bad about me.

Much to my surprise, I have had more than a few grunt trips.  No, it is not that I couldn't catch anything else, my people wanted to target grunts.  They generally are planning a big fish fry and with the limits on regulated species it is kind of hard for a few people to catch enough legally to feed a bunch.  Grunts do have a limit but it is 100 pounds per person.  A couple hundred pounds of grunts feeds a lot of people if they like grunts and grits.  Fried whole they taste kinda like crappie for all you northern guys.  While I try not to bring them to the dock I will bring in a few dozen for my Cuban and cracker Florida buddies from time to time.

Offshore the dolphin bite is still hot but you have to devote the whole day most of the time to find them.  Magic floaters are the ticket in close but if you want to burn the fuel the wall is the place to be.  The tuna bite is great but the fish are averaging a little smaller than last year.  That is subject to change at anytime though.  Blackfin tuna don't get that big but they are tasty.

The tarpon bite is still hot and may last a good deal longer than normal due to the weird winter we had.  If you are a fly guy, they are hanging not only around the bridges but the flats as well.  I have seen plenty every trip I hit the flats for a little diversion.

Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success. Tight lines, Capt. Dallas

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