Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oil Spill, Water Temperatures and Stuff

The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill still is scaring the hell out of most of the Keys residents.  While there is a chance that the spill could kill the Keys as we know them, that chance is decreasing a bit in NOAA's mind.  Predictions of oil making it to the Keys are dropping with the possibility of tar balls more likely and not as much as initially predicted.  We are not in the clear by any stretch, but (fingers crossed) things are looking up.

The water and air temperature is higher than I have ever experienced for June.  That is making the offshore bite very inconstant. Dolphin lovers need to start thinking snapper for dinner.  The snapper bite, especially for the night owls is hotter than the water temperatures.  Most of my trips now are half days to beat the heat and the boxes are looking good with a variety of snapper. 

The spam comments to my blog are still pouring in but the moderation thing is making it easier to keep the porn and goofy site posts from making it to the pages.  There are still a lot in the older posts so beware of active links in comments. 

Some of the Fam is making a trip in the next couple of weeks to fish with me which will be a lot of fun.  With conditions the way they are it will be reef fishing for the kids with a little wreck fishing to wear out their dad.  I may even get to dust off my golf clubs for a little par three action.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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