Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yellowtailing 101

Yesterday Mike and his son Scott went with me to learn how to improve thrir yellowtail catching.  Fishing for yellowtail snapper is one of the most popular fishing expeditions for Keys local.  While 'tails are not generally that big, they are tasty and relatively easy to catch under reasonable conditions.  For their size they put up a stubborn fight and did I mention they are tasty?

Reasonable conditions means some current flowing anywhere but up the anchor line.  Of course in the morning Mike and Scott got to experience unreasonable conditions.  They are staying near Key Colony so I tried to get them on fish close to their dock.  With just a trickle of current in the wrong direction I had to move to the west and wait on the tide to get a bite going.  The reason we got a current is the Seven Mile Bridge.  The huge expanse of the bridge allows tidal flow to create a light Southwest current on the outgoing and a Northeast current on the incoming tide.

Anyway, they ended up with one shy of their snapper limit with mainly yellowtails but a few fat mangrove snappers and respectable porgies thrown in the box for dinner.

In case you were wondering I have had to start moderating comments thanks to some third world pains in the butt that are paid to add links to websites.  It may take me a while to get rid of the goofy links they added in comments and get through the other crap that was blocked before I can allow legitimate comments to get posted.

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