Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dolphin in Close with a Tuna Appetizer

I tried to take a video of the dolphin we caught. They were not big. The big slammers are about 25 miles off the beach. Since my crew included three older guys (I'm one) we opted to stay close and play with the smaller fish. Skeeter (Dave), Pops, (Mike) and LeRoy (Tom) didn't want to leep many fish so we only kept a half dozen schoolies in the 23 to 26 inch range, plus one tasty blackfin tuna which I did get a decent picture of.

While Blackfin may not get to the size of Yellowfin, they are mighty tasty. So I am not embarrassed keeping Blackfin this size. The fillets weighed about a pound and a half, which is plenty of dinner for me. We found the schooies in about 350 foot which is maybe 8 miles from the dock.

Blogger still has not turned the video thing back on so I may play with Youtube and see if I can post it some how.

I think this will work. Now I did not edit this and the cameraman (me) sucks, but let's see how it looks.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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