Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hurricane Season 2011 Predictions

NOAA has a neat hurricane track history page for all you storm fans. This is the time of the year all the hurricane predictions come out. This year is supposed to be above normal, whatever that is. I am not all that concerned with normal, I am more concerned with where, when and how strong. They can't predict that.

Some of the forecasters do give you similar years. This year is supposed to be similar to 1950, 1955, 1996, 1999 and 2008. The national hurricane center has a neat map of past hurricane tracks you can pick your years to see how they were. Of the years listed as being similar, only 2008 has a storm that pasted our way.

The 2008 storm was tropical storm Fay. Fay I think is the only tropical storm to have its name retired. She made landfall in Florida 4 times and dumped more rain than most hurricanes. So if this year is that kind of above normal year I am all for it. I firmly believe that the more you prepare for a hurricane season, the less chance you have of needing to. So I have pruned the trees and most of the normal stuff already. That way I can fish longer before a storm if one does point this way.

Anyway, the predictions make it look pretty good for the spur of the moment guys this year. Guys that want to take off for a long weekend have a good shot of getting some good fishing in. The winds will be getting more predictable for the small boat guys (me) to run offshore or hit the reef. The dolphin run for bigger fish has started a little later than normal so maybe it will last a little longer. Last year the snapper bite on the reef was pretty awesome, it should be about the same this year. Most everything is looking good for a make up for last season's oil scare.

After a weather delay, I should be fishing tomorrow. It is a fishing 101 for fun fish so maybe I can get another shot at a video. I blew it with the dolphin on the fly rod

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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