Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well Shucks

I was all ready for a fun day of fishing for the freezer but the weather is a little iffy today. Since I have enjoyed all the wild and crazy offshore rides I want, unless of course the pay is right, we are sitting it out today with semi plans for Tuesday or Thursday. I have plenty of freezer bags stocked up just in case.

The only reason I am posting anything today is because Blogger, the company that I use for my blog, has had a few issues. Comments the past few days have been lost in cyber space and access has been limited. Blogger has also gotten rid of the video Icon for the blog, which makes it even more challenging to post videos should I do happen to figure how to do that.

So I will play online and may sneak out this afternoon for some snapper if the front moves through. Some good news (to me anyway) is I figured out how to create a virtual RS232 com port to download the numbers from the old GPS and up load into the new GPS. I only have a couple hundred of numbers locally, but a few of those are pretty sweet and somewhat unknown. Now I just have to remember to make a new hard copy before something else happens.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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