Sunday, May 01, 2011

It's Grouper Time Again!

The number of grouper I have been getting without being able to keep any has been a major bummer. So I tried to change tactics so I wouldn't catch so many, so maybe more should be around when the Grouper season opened. Tomorrow I will find out if that worked.

I have been fishing but not posting much. The catch has been so so. My crews have had fun and caught fish for dinner. Unfortunately, we have to let go a few of these:

And had to settle for these:

The porgie with Devon was a by-catch while playing with the sharks and the dolphin with Bob was invited home after searching for dolphin on the fly rod. If my crews don't what to kill a bunch of fish, I don't. Not so good for the blog since my pictures on the water don't come out too great, but as long as they have a good time, it's fine with me. Speaking of bad on the water photography, I thought I was videoing Bob's dolphin on the fly battle, but didn't punch record. Great shots I thought. When I got the video going, I managed to get a few jumps, but now the blog doesn't want to upload the video. Oh, well. Ya shoulda been there. Bob got all the good out of the fish. It took almost 30 minutes for an estimated eight pound schoolie.

Up to today, Tarpon have been the main story. They are thick and stupid this year. Now there will be more big bottom fish showing at the docks with Grouper back open. Seems most of the guides have avoided the deeper mutton/grouper spots to avoid killing grouper needlessly. So now the 90 to 150 foot wrecks and ledges will be visited more often.

While the tourista season is winding down following Easter, the serious fishing season is just getting going. Offshore is looking a bit odd so far. The dolphin are out there, but the big brutes are a bit thin for this time of the year. There were a few larger fish brought in last week, but nothing like normal. That should mean that the bigger run should start a little later which normally means better days to fish for them. I have been through a few May/June bites that were awesome, so that may be the deal this year. Tuna at the hump are getting a bit bigger, so that should get crazy soon. Of course we have the annual snapper spawn coming in May through July/August. The water is already fairly warm so we may have one of the long spawns. I have caught monster 'tails and 'Grovers on the long spawns, fish over 24". If that is the case this year, plan on a quick weekend trip to fill the freezer.

I have to add this short video of Bob with his dolphin on the fly rod.

Anyway, I will try to post a quick Grouper report tomorrow.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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