Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fishing for Fame

Normally, I do try to keep this silly science nonsense off my good blog, dumping stuff nobody understands on my trash blog, but this is a little special.

The IPCC Down Welling Radiation Violates the Law

Catchy title, if I had someone that could proof read technical stuff, it could even be published is a high quality journal like Energy and Environment, where the concept came from, though I never got to read all of Dr. Kimoto's excellent paper, thanks doc! If it weren't for those pay walls, I could have done this a year ago.

The pretty part of the drawing is thanks to NASA and our tax dollars at work. Good job NASA, the data appears to dead on. Well, I can find a few stray Wm-2 here and there :)

Any tips from new visitors would be appreciated, the ~72 hours it took me to solve this was mentally draining.

BTW, Will cipher for food. It is a big step from fishing to atmospheric physics, but in this economy, ya takes whats ya gets. Any job openings out there for a wild and crazy science guy?

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