Monday, November 13, 2006

Fishing the Florida Keys for a New Boat

It's boat shopping time again. Time for one of the two happiest days in a boat owners life, the day he buys and the day he sells. The reason is that the fishing competition in Marathon is changing. More captains are moving into larger sport fisherman and high end charters. The fishing is just too good down here to neglect the backcountry and bay wrecks. So I'm looking at 24' to 26' panga style open fisherman. These are clean enough for fly fishermen, not much foul their fly line and big enough for four anglers, six in a pinch with the 26 footer.

The fuel economy is the main draw these boats have for me. Every charter down here has a fuel surcharge built in right now. I hate that nickle and diming tactic. With one of these pangas, its $350 for a half day and $550 for a full day. No extras, no add ons, just get in the boat and go! The pangas have a high bow flare so just about any day is fish able. Tarpon trips, bay wrecks, gulf wrecks, offshore for sailfish, the panga is a good all around boat for this area. I haven't decided on which manufacturer yet, but I'm getting closer. When it gets real close, I'll post pictures and let you guys help me decide.

If you want to get in on a great investment click here for details.

The Fishing Reports is like this. All the Blackfin Tuna you want at the Marathon Hump along with good numbers of school dolphin and a few gaffers. Cobia still in the bay and mackerel are showing but agood way back to the north west. Lots of bait in the area of the 57 10 and further west. A few sails off the reef, but most of the action I've heard is closer to Aligator light than Sombrero. Tails, Muttons, Grouper and still good numbers of Mangroves on the reef.

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