Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New boat Sea Trial

Just back from a sea trial, now I'm more confused. Drove a 26 Pangler around in Islamarada. The boat was powered by a 225 Merc four stroke, had roughly 75 gallons of fuel and two guys around 200 pounds each. The boat's ride was really nice, it gets on a plane in a heartbeat, will plane at 2500 RPM and was very dry for a center console and it was surprizingly stable. I didn't take a GPS, but in the corner she made an easy 45 Knots and at 4000 RPM she pushed 30 knots. The low plane at 2500, was close to 20 knots, but the low plane is a bit deceptive. There was no real bow rise getting on a plane, it just got there! That was pretty impressive. So I like the basic lined Panga concept. The fit and finish was typical of a production boat, nothing bedded so there are rust tracks, adequate but not impressive. The tee top was nice and should last, the leaning post with rocket lanchers and cooler storage beneath was well made. Wiring was above average quality and the instruments well laid out and all analog which I prefer.

I was a bit disappointed with the quality of construction. There were numerous gelcoat chips in the hull, a lot more than I would expect for boat with thirty hours serving as a demo. I have owned Anglers in the past and never seen chips like this. With Anglers use of foam to reduce flex as well a provide floatation, I was surprised at the chipping.

Big draw backs for what I do, charter fishing, is there is no easy way to install a leaning post live well. Installing a live well at the transom looks good, But the extra 240 pounds in the rear will make it a wet footed boat with three guys fishing in the back. There is very little storage, no fish box just an anchor locker, Cooler storage under the leaning post, a small area under the console seat and a small area under the console for batterys, life preservers, flare box and maybe some foul weather gear. The boat looks very roomy, but add a fish cooler, a bait cooler, your tackle bag and a live well. Things will get a bit cramped. So to make it really fishable, (at least to my standards) I need to have a custom fish box built for the bow area that would double as a casting deck, use the storage under the console seat for a bait cooler, the space under the leaning post for the drink cooler and go with a much smaller live well.

So if any of you Pangler owners that live bait for tarpon and also like to bring home a mess of big cobia, dolphin, grouper etc. would like to comment, I would appreciate the input.

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