Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fishing the Forida Keys - No Sexy Fish Today

The crew I was going to take out didn't make it. They had BOAT issues. Boat is an achronym, Broke Or About To. After you find that out, Break Out Another Thousand. I was looking forward to fishing with them. We have caught a lot of sexy fish together, sailfish, Dolphin and big boys like sharks and jewfish. I wanted to take them out for Cobia, grouper and a few sharks, but next time I guess. Ended up crabbing with my buddy Jimbo instead.

We moved a few traps and pulled 160 stone crab pots. The current was all screwed up, so it was no fishing vacation. Any day on the water is a good day though. Got a little more money in my clothes and learned a little more about the crabbing industry. After running go fast fishing boats, a 10 knot crab boat takes a little attitude adjustment. Besides being slow, she handles a lot different than most boats I've driven. I'll get use to her though, just a little more time at the helm. Anyway, about 70 pounds of stone crab claws wasn't bad for a few hours work.

Hopefully, I'll have a better fishing report for you next time. It's going to be wet and windy for the next couple of days, but Saturday and Sunday should be fishable. If not, I may have to break out the guitar and and write some more blues tunes.

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