Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back to Fishing Stuff!

The guys I am fishing with Friday I took out last year.  It was our first time fishing together so I was not sure what would turn them on.  The reef was not all that hot that first time, so I took them to do a little fishing in Hawk Channel.  If you have never fished the Hawk Channel humps and bumps you don't know what you are missing if you are one of those constant action kinda guys.  They loaded up on just about every kind of eating bottom fish you can imagine.  I made sure they stayed in the legal limits of course and I was not too concerned with anything going to waste since I had not given my buddy Omar any fish in a while.

Once we got back to the dock, the crew picked out all of the best snapper they could use and I took the rest to Omar after they realized how long they would be cleaning fish.  Omar and his nephew freaked out at seeing about 80 pounds of assorted Lane Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Yellow tail Snapper, Porgy and big grunts.  Grunts by the way are good eating, just a pain in the butt to clean.  That was a lot of fish since we had five anglers on board and came close to hitting our limits.

Sexy fish like sails, marlin, tarpon, permit and bonefish get most of the blood boiling for the frozen north guys, but never under estimate the fun of a good panfish whooping!

Now let me put my cape back on and defend the little guys from the evils of unethical government.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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