Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fish Cleaning Table Stuff

Now that I am getting fit again after that nasty cold it is time to get busy again.  I worked on the new base for the fish cleaning table a while over the weekend while I wasn't gorging on dip and chili.  Since the base is supposed to be a kit, Jason and I put it together like a kit after I sanded and put a light coat of white wash on the wood.  I don't know about the white washed look.  It may be better with a more wood looking stain.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the kit and components.

I will get with Doc who is a real photographer with a real camera for more pictures.  The top photo is in the best light I had at the time and shows that the white wash has a neat, clean look.  The bottom photo is roughly what the kit will look like without the table top.  Right now you would have to install 16 screws to put it together.  I may change that to 8 bolts after I do some cyphering.

The cypress is pretty impressive wood.  It has a tight grain with few a knots that are very stable. With a light sanding the wood looks close to furniture grade.  It is a little expensive, but much less so than teak.  With the stain which provides UV protection and waterproofing, it should wear very well outdoors with very little maintenance.

Fishing wise I don't have any trips scheduled for the rest of the week thanks partially to the stupid cold.  I am booked pretty solid for the end of the month and first week of March.  Many guides, myself included are getting fewer advance bookings than normal so it is hard to tell how the year will work out.  So far it is looking better than last year.  The weather is definitely better than last year!  The reports that I am getting are real good with the bridge still hot, the bay pretty hot and the reef still going strong.  Near off shore there are a good number of sailfish being spotted and a few dolphin coming to the dock.

Jeff Knapp is still doing good with the tarpon fishing though he said today he needs to find mullet for bait since the tarpon are getting a little finicky with the pin fish.  My buddy Captain Howard Kelly is now running one of the Pips Boats and has his boat at the marina for tarpon trips.  I haven't talked to Captain Gator for a while, but it is getting close to that time of year for him to come down and fish with a few of his regulars.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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