Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cold and Wind Day Off

It is cold and windy so I put my trip off until Monday when things get back to normal.  Ten below zero (60 degrees) may be fishable but they are here for a week so rescheduling is not a problem The bite is still kicking though so it is all good.

Speaking of good, it is a good thing I moved my climate junk back to other blog.  I got hacked off at the lack of respect for intellectual property rights one of the big names in climate science has.  I used to have a little respect for the guy since he is caught between a rock and a hard spot at work, but since he defends scientists that steal photographs for their own use without even the acknowledging the guys work, he is just another over educated dumb butt in my mind.  If you want to see an example of me writing mad, it is in the energy blog link to the left somewhere.

I stopped to get fried chicken and fries for lunch, but my English is not good enough for the Spanish girl to understand me.  What I thought was Spanish for fries turns out to be a big meat stuffed ball of fried mashed potatoes.  I forgot to use "French Fries" instead of just saying fries.  Whatever the fried mashed potato thing is it isn't too bad, I just was really wanting fries.

Being stuck in the deep freeze means napping and internet today.  So I may get into some trouble.  What is amazing is that I can write just as mean sober as I did drunk, I just spell better. My grammar sucks about the same though.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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