Sunday, February 06, 2011

Great Fish Dip Challenge and More

Thanks to this cold that has been cramping my style I have not made much in the way of preparations for the Super Bowl Sunday culinary events to take place here in Old Town Marathon.  Salty's Grille at the Seven Mile Marina is having a chili cook off and Porky's Bay Side is having the Great Fish Dip Challenge.

While the cold is much better, I am still a little congested and have that lingering cough.  The chili cook off will be better for me because I may actually be able to taste the offerings.  The fish dip challenge should be interesting though as there are a number of competitors with unique ideas for the event.  Judges for the dip challenge will be patrons that wish to participate, meaning that contestants may be able to use friends to stuff the ballot boxes.  It's all good though since the proceeds will be going to charity, namely the Wild Bird Center of Marathon.  A separate 50/50 drawing will be held for Rocketman who is recovering from a recent stroke.

For the fish dip challenge, early word is giving Captain Chris Johnson's offering the edge with Porky's House recipe a close second.  Sleepers, Kalam and Mark, have a few tricks up their sleeves that may turn the tables on the favorites.  Turn out of fans for each entrant is the key unknown factor in early poling.

The chili cook off is wide open.  Salty's has access to exotic meats but Captain Muzzy has been spotted sneaking into town indicating a new source of wild game meat for the cook off is highly possible.  Rumors are that the Castaway's 32 beer chili will be entered supposedly under a fictitious name.

Unfortunately, due to the cold bug, a number of qualified competitors for both events may not have entries.  Big Pine had a number of noted chefs working feverishly on entries until colds chilled their ambitions.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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