Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Winter Storms?

It was pretty nice on the water yesterday and today was pretty too.  A little on the warm side in the RV, but definitely nice outside.  Looking at the weather map it looks like the rest of the nation is having plenty of fresh snow for all those snow related things they like to do.  One fellow took advantage of the fresh snow to get creative and sent me the picture below of his efforts.

A few others I know are taking advantage of the weather to spend more time with their families at home or visiting with new friends in airports.  So it would seem that convincing anyone to leave the fresh powder to come down and go fishing with me is probably a waste of time.

Fishing is really not all that good anyway.  There are plenty of mangrove snapper, yellow tail snapper, mackerel and Cobia, but the sailfish, dolphin and tarpon bite is a slow.  Jeff Shelar with Catch 'em all only had a couple of sailfish released yesterday with a handful of dolphin for dinner.  Jeff Knapp with Beckoning charters only release one small tarpon about 130 pound the night before.  He did manage a 33 pound Cobia for dinner two nights in a row.  Bobby Brown with Sundance Charters mainly just played with mackerel and Amberjack the other day with a mutton snapper or two for dinner.  The two Pips boats stuck mainly to limiting out on snapper and King Mackerel for the smoker, thought Howard Kelly on the Pip's 36 snuck offshore for a few dolphin in the teens to twenty pound range.

Hopefully, fishing will pick up and some of you guys will get bored playing in the snow.  If you do, come on down, but don't forget your sunscreen.  A few locals down here are getting sunburns.  :)

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Tight lines,
Capt. Dallas

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  1. great pic,my thoughts exactly!!! i just got my credit card bills for my annual Christmas trek down to the keys. i haven't worked in 15 months.but it was worth every penny i spent. knowing that i will be coming down again next winter helps me get through this bullshit weather.chicago joe