Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day Off

I fished the last few days but no pictures.  Yesterday I was too busy driving the boat to photograph the tuna, mainly skippies that came over the side or the huge flocks of birds working the mix of Tuna, Dolphin and sailfish every where from the reef to about 600 foot of water.  It changes day to day, but the ocean offshore of Marathon is quite alive with lots of critters that may want to play.

Sharks are also crashing the party so the Mutton dropping at least East of the light is not all that productive.  We did catch a genuine (American Red Snapper) which is kind of rare and a spawn Mangrove on one of the Mutton spots.  We lost to the sharks a couple of likely photogenic fish that they wanted more than we did.

My old body is a bit pissed at me at the moment so I am going to be lazy today since I have a stretch of dive and fishing trips scheduled for the next week.  Mini-season is here and I am booked mainly for the scouting trips before the 30 and 31st spiney slaughter proper.

I think I am in the running for procrastinator of the year award.  I have dabble with a few of my projects, mainly installing new head light assemblies on the 375, but  parts and/or supply delays sound like a good excuse for the bus and boat.  Since August and September, the dead of the dead months are around the corner, they may not take priority until then.

This week the plumbers are tearing up my side of the RV park and have dug a nice salt water swimming hole just in front of V20.  They will be tearing up the back side of the RV some time soon, then after the destruction I will relocate my work/hobby shop back into the back 40 where they belong.

The guys sticking with Mangroves mainly have been cleaning up the past week.  A very early AM start can produce a box full of fish and be back at the dock before 10:00 which is nice this time of year.  It is a lot easier for me to get up at 3 AM than it is to stay up to 3 AM so after the bug blast I will likely do some Mangrove expeditions.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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