Thursday, July 17, 2014

Different Days

 Since my last office view picture didn't turn out all that great here is a new one.  That is a pretty fair size patch of Sargasso Weed.
 I sometimes get request to swim with the dolphins.  My version doesn't include Flipper.
This is what the dolphin look like going on ice.

I don't have any pictures of yesterday.  Why?  Because it inhaled deeply.  Today though the fish bit and we even bailed schoolies.  I did see a few large fish but not behind the boat.  Still, if you are looking to fill the freezer, today you could have yesterday not so much.  That is just the way the bite has been since the last full moon.

Tomorrow I get to drive to Key Largo to take a piss test so I can mate on a boat as a favor.  That is your government in action folks.  Let's make the minimum wage guys pay through the nose so some warm and fuzzy idiots can think they have helped to save the world from something.  Why am I bitchin"?  It is supposed to be a random drug testing program.  The owners and operators should bear the cost burden not some schmuck trying to be nice.

Marathon in the Florida Keys should be your next fishing vacation destination. Join us for charter fishing, fishing guide trips or our fishing 101 so you can fish on your own with better success.

 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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