Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ribs are on Sale! Ribs are on Sale!

 So what the heck, sounds like time for standing pork ribs with Cuban garlic bread on the old gas grill.  I have been on light duty the past couple of days which is fine with me.  Part of the fam is down staying at Sugarloaf to do the bug thing and stopped by to pick up a few Darts for a Dolphin expedition prior to serious bugging.
I also picked up the yaks which have been out playing for a few weeks.  If you look carefully you might notice that the 375 also has new crystal clear head lamps.  Ebay can be amazing at times.  In addition to new head lamps the rear window lift gate has new gas struts and a rod rack bar so all the fishing gear fits in.  All of that for less than a hundred bucks. Once I install a new deep cycle battery and the 1200 watt inverter (60 bucks), the beater will double as a back-up generator should we get any serious storms this season.  That 1200 Watts will actually power the fridge, entertainment stuff and both ACs believe it or not.  Since I had to make the drug test run to Taveneir I got to check the beater's gas mileage which is a little over 23 mpg on the road and about 17 mpg just doing the around the island thing.

Fishing wise the Mangrove bite is still on day and night or more accurately, early morning and night, plus the tuna, dolphin and sailfish are pretty close to the reef.  That said, my next four scheduled trips are all bug related.  The first part of August is already filled with trips fishing and to the VA doctors.  Typically things die down after Labor Day so the projects will get more attention then.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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