Sunday, January 09, 2011

Breakfast at the Seven Mile Grill

Breakfast out is a bit of a luxury for me.  Living in a tourist town everything is priced for tourists and I ain't one.  Well, today I was waiting on a few friends to have a leisurely breakfast with when in comes Joel Prick.  Joel is from the Netherlands and evidently has fallen onto hard times.

Joel ran into an herbalist from Arizona in Key West that seems to have separated him from his money.  Joel showed up wearing only shorts and carrying his worldly belongings in a picnic basket.  Joel seems to have grand plans to import broken down cars from the Netherlands to start a big time junk yard in the US.  Joel talks a lot.

He claims to have tons of moneys.  He has a desire to buy a thousand dollars worth of cigars in Miami for his uncle.  Next up is getting a job with NASA blowing meteors up.  Ah, to be a law abiding meteor blower upper.  Just another day in the Keys.

Joel's uncle is crazy it seems, nobody likes him because he is crazy and broke.  Something Joel would like to rectify.  Joel though, is not well understood since he only speaks German and English and English not all that well.  Luckily, Joel is the only sane person in the area and much smarter than everyone else, so I am sure he will be just fine.

Anyway, I bought Joel breakfast, let him email his mom and tried to get him down to the guidance clinic.  If Joel was a woodpecker I would have had better luck.  He is back to wandering the streets of Marathon, blissfully lost in a world totally unlike the one I live in.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas


  1. Eating out in the keys does get expensive after a while!!! And this joel character sounds like he fits right in down here! That's so funny :)

  2. So, was breakfast a good deal?
    We will be down in your area in about a week. I also speak German and perhaps will run into Joel. lol . Hubby and I are looking for a few good places to eat while in the keys, that are easy on the pocketbook. Do you have any suggestions?
    Sue from the Pacific NW