Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Some people think they know how to procrastinate.  I am the master of putting things off.  Instead of cleaning out my truck, which would lead to doing my laundry, which would probably lead to something else productive, I would rather be the temporary liaison for Joel Prick.

In our last installment we mentioned our breakfast with Joel.  Since that breakfast, Joel's vacation has taken an unexpected turn.  Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies noticed Joel using a kayak without paddles and had a chat with him.  Joel admitted that he had borrowed the kayak though he had not actually gotten permission to borrow the kayak.  Joel did leave his picnic basket with all his current worldly belongings as collateral for the kayak trip.  In the confusion Joel was arrested for grand larceny and escorted to the Marathon detention facility.  He was relocated to the Key West detention facility Unit A.  Unit A is a special unit.

Thanks to my blog post, the family and friends of Joel located Joel and myself with the magic of Google.  Since they are 5000 miles away and I really don't feel like cleaning out my truck, I have been trying to assist Joel's friends and family with Joel's situation.  Joel's family is greatly distraught that Joel is in jail.  American jails seem to have a bad reputation which I do not really understand.  Admittedly, if I were to be incarcerated I would prefer federal facilities mainly due to the quality of the menu.  Federal prison is even a retirement option I have been considering.  County jails in the US provide adequate accommodations though meal planning leaves a lot to be desired unless you are a fan of bologna and/or peanut butter on white bread.  I prefer whole wheat myself.

So after helping Joel, I plan to prove to the world that American jails are some of the best jails in the world, other than the menu of course.  That should put the truck clean up off another day or two.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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  1. Hey there!

    I'm Joel's cousin and I wanted to thank you for all the help you offered to our family! Do you happen to have any news on the trial verdict?

    Cheers Revy