Friday, January 28, 2011

What's Happening and New Plans

This cold is really becoming a pain in the butt.  It is cramping my style big time and I am starting to get cabin fever.  It the picture above, Captain Jeff Knapp is showing off his second Cobia in two trips to the bridge tarpon fishing.   As I reported before the bridge action is pretty hot.  Many visitors to the Keys tend to focus too much on one type of fish or fishing and neglect to take advantage of the variety we have in the Keys.  I am an opportunistic angler and like to try to catch what is biting instead of forcing what is not biting to bite.  This attitude may go against what you may read in the glossy magazines, but it works very well for me.  In fact, I haven't found too many types of fishing I don't like to try from time to time.

Several of the newer guides working in the Keys can't seem to understand my style of fishing.  What ever floats your boat I guess, but living on an island a good guide should be able to find some kind of fishing action in just about any conditions.  There are times that it just doesn't make much sense to brave the weather, of course, but knowing all the options tends limit those times to really nasty stuff.  Many of my customers have had great fishing trips at or near the bridge when the winds were howling.  As long as the fish are biting, the winds tend to get ignored.

Thanks to my cold I have been stuck at the computer much more than normal.  I tend to enjoy some subjects that bore the hell out of most folks, so I don't want to contaminate this primarily fishing blog with silly stuff like alternate energy, climate change, Bayesian statistics and rocket candy.  That means I am going to take most of that stuff to my other blog Our Energy Future: Hydrogen.  I haven't written on that blog for a while mainly because things really don't change that fast.  There has been enough stuff in the past couple years to write about and the State of the Union Address include a plan for the next couple of decades than blends with the reading I have done in the past.  So I you get really bored you can stop by there as I add a few of my observations.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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