Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just a Little V-20 Stuff

There is not much really to report on the V-20 project.  Since we have been having a few showers now and again I have mainly just worked a little on cleaning out and roughing up the transom existing glass so there will be a good bond with the new plywood.  I did have some time today where it was dry enough to laminate the plywood.  This is a second shot at lamination.  The first didn't fire off probably because the resin was too old and thick.  I found some more that looked a bit fresher and it fired off fine.  I have cut the plywood into three pieces so I can wedge it in place without having to remove the cap, lots of work or cut out the back of the transom, lots of glass.  Since this is sliding into the place where the old plywood disintegrated, I need to be able to wiggle things around and drive a few wedges here and there requiring the three pieces.

 To clean the glass inside the transom I made a little rasp/saw to get in there by just welding a 1 inch hole saw onto a drill extension to attached to another drill extension.  Not the greatest tool in the world but it did the job.  Once I vacuum out all the dust and such, I will dry fit and tweak until I am pretty sure everything will fit tight but not too tight.

I am pretty sure I will be able to reuse the existing gauges, teleflex steering and fuel filter/separator but the existing battery selector switch and cables look like they may be a lost cause.  I did find some 4 AWG battery cable online for about a dollar a foot which is pretty much dirt cheap and I have some 3/8" i.d. rolled copper to make end connections, so I may forgo the battery selector switch in favor of jump box or an isolated electronics battery.  Since power diodes are dirt cheap too, the electronics battery may be the way to go.  Remember the motor that is going on the boat can actually be pull started :)

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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