Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weather Day Stuff

I was supposed to fish today on a Cabo but due to a front that is pushed until tomorrow.  This is the redneck/yatchy fusion deck look.  The Teak deck hatches were is bad shape.  So bad that the4 slines that held the planks together and the upper third of the planks were worn away.  So I cleaned what was left up and add pressure treated inlay where the former splines used to reside.  The are hot wax treated also.  These are study enough for me but some of my 300 plus pound pushing seven feet tall anglers will likely challenge them.  I will either have to add plywood/fiberglass backing or just build new hatches.  These would make interesting end tables.  They look different because the old fastener holes were more rotted on on one than the other.  \
Because of the rain my transom plywood got put on hold.  I have cut the rough pattern out which will need some trimming then I can glass the two sheets together to get them ready for the installation.  This is left over aka salvaged exterior plywood used for concrete forming.  I will have to plane down both side and add a bunch of screw holes so the resin can penetrate when I form the tramsom wood to match the boat's curved transom.  The way the hull is designed the curved transom sets the engine back about 4 inches.  It will be a bit of a bear to insert the wood, but I think it should work out well.

This is probably one of the most butt ugly welds you will ever see.  In all of my construction experience I never learned to weld.  This is my first attempt with one of those cheap 115 volt stick welders that everyone tends to cuss.  The weld is butt ugly because the welder doesn't have the butt for the job.  I am going to have to increase the leads on the little welder to 4 AWG and get a little more serious grounding clamp and electrode holder.  Then I should be able to make butt ugly welds that have enough penetration to hold.  At least that is what the general internet chatter consensus seems to be.  This particular talent is something that I will need for the boat trailer.  Then with the V-20 running and a trailer I can launch closer to some of the more interesting back country fishing areas.

The motor is still up in New Jersey so should anyone in that area be planning on heading south with room for a 90 hp Johnson I am sure we can work something out.  If not I have a neighbor than can bring it down in November along with some Venison.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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