Sunday, May 04, 2014

Po Boy Boat Repair

I spoke to Chicago Joe the other day and told him that I didn't expect the V20 refurbishing to cost all that much.  The hull itself is only $500 and a 2 cycle outboard from that era should be less than $1000 bucks.  It is the odds and ends that drive your budget the wrong way.  So here is a quick example of how not to break the budget.

These are pieces of the old swim platform that was falling apart.  I cut them to length, drilled them for mounting and adjusted the bend angle a touch to make new windshield supports.
There ya go.  A windshield support that doubles as a grab rail.  The old ones broke most likely because people were using them as grab rails and they were not made strong enough for that.

That is what the windshield looks like now.  I will install the other side brace after I finish the port side cabin bulkhead.  That is going to be mainly cypress since that is what I have laying around.  In the future I may lose the windshield in favor of Eisenglass, but for now I will just fix what is there in case there is some V20 boating nostalgia guy out there that wants one.

For electronics I am only going to buy a good quality depth sounder.  I have a VHF and will use my hand held GPS.  Batteries, steering cable, Coast Guard equipment and a 4-blade prop will probably be the largest "other" expenses.

Now there is plenty of other stuff I could do, but that won't really improve the fishability of the boat. In case you are wondering, the boat came with a Bimini top that I can re-stitch and adjust the mounting a bit.  Glass mat and resin for the transom has been donated by the boat salvager since he would like me to get her done soon so he has someone to call in case of a tow job.

I told Joe I should get the V20 running for less than $3000 so that is the target.  Totally doable as long as I avoid West Marine "sales".

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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