Friday, May 09, 2014

Mo' Crab Trap Chic

Since the winds are up and the offshore fishing sucks anyway, I piddled with the V-20 some more.

I added some Crab Trap Chic to the cabin bulkhead.  The supports are Cypress and the slats PT trap lumber, both hot waxed.  Hot waxing is about the oldest method of finishing wood that there is after hand rubbing with fat/oil.  New Cypress and PT just aren't what they used to be, so they need something to protect them.  Hot wax should be about as good as anything else and the price is right.  The other grab rail/window support is installed and the forward hatch in the cabin has a new cover.  I ordered stainless fasteners on Ebay so most of the trim work is on hold until that gets in.

Getting a motor shipped down from the North Country is going to cost twice as much as it should since I am in the Keys where over-night mail takes a week to 10 days.  I will have to ponder that situation for a while.  In the mean time I have the plywood for the transom to cut out and if we can find the glass mat I will probably have that in over the weekend.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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