Sunday, May 04, 2014

Plastic Saddle Tanks

The main reason I can get the V20 up and running cheap are the plastic saddle fuel tanks.  The tanks are strapped in on both side with nylon strapping with plywood to prevent the straps from rubbling through the tanks.  Looks pretty nasty if you are not a fan of 30 years old plastic and plywood.

I re-worked one of the cover panels used to conceal the tank and protect them from UV. The trim on the bottom is just pressure treated lumber used to make lobster traps.  If the original teak is salvageable, I will trim the rest in teak, if not more trap lumber.

The starboard cover panel needs a bit more elbow grease, but should clean up nicely.  The fiberglass panels will not win any design awards but are functional and easy to clean.

What is interesting is that these saddle tanks are the main reason that I can get this project done so cheaply.  If there were metal below deck tanks, the deck would probably have to come out adding a lot of time and a considerable amount of money to the project.  As it is, the 30 plus year old deck is very solid and just needs a little patching.

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