Saturday, May 31, 2014

Almost the Hero

I drive the Lady Catherine Bus (charter boat) on occassion as a back up captain.  The Lady is an inspected vessle requiring a masters license for more than 6 passengers.  When they have less than 6 I can drive the bus.  Yesterday was one of those almost the hero days.

There has been a continuing saga of factory rigged lures falling apart at very poor times.  Yesterday was no exception.  Stinger hook on one of the rigs broke loose and is now the property of a gaffer dolphin.  We also had a mystery hook pull on a 40 plus pound fish which would have been the catch of the day at the Seascape dock.  Unfortunately, the Lady Catherine was an also ran in the unofficial impress the visitors tournament.  You can barely make out the tail of our big fish in the top photo, a gaffer close to 20 pounds .  The second photo was supposed to be of the cow that accompanied the gaffer bull.  My cellphone camera has this annoying delay making it tough to get action photos.

All told, we ended up with about 40 pounds of fillets sans bloodline.  That is almost a 5 gallon bucket of fillets.  Not exactly a Chamber of Commerce finish but okay for a zero floater day.

While I just drive the bus, I may start recommending a few minor changes here and there to increase productivity starting with no more pre-rigged in Bum Phuck China lures.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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  1. If you follow the leader on the second photo you can just barely make out the fish. When I thought the picture took, the fish was right on the surface showing the classic dolphin blue color.