Friday, June 06, 2014

Back to the Bus - Part I

Since no one called to save me from today's project here is what I am up against.  The large chunk of metal with the orange strap on it is the bus port side leveling jack while I have already welded an insert so that I could slide the jack into the existing rectangular tubing that runs to the starboard side leveling jack.  The gaping hole in the rusted frame is where the rear spring shackel used to be firmly attached to the frame.  Since this area just happens to be below the bathroom and the bus just happens to be an aluminum frame setting on a steel frame once you add a little water thanks to polybutylene plumbing fixtures that have a tendancy to leak you get some wicked electrolytic corrosion.   I unfortunately missed out on the class action lawsuit seeking damages due to faulty Polybutylene plumbing failures so I am going to "fix" this myself.

Here is a view from the wheel well.  The severest of the damage is limited to a section about 16 inch long that includes the jack, spring shackle, spring hanger and bathroom floor support.  Now you can see why welding in a better light.

The plan today is to cut out most of the bad stuff and put together a frame section with spring hanger that I can weld bad in place.  Since I have to go that far I am going to fabricate my own spring shackle as well.  This stuff being replaced is what many consider "heavy duty" which is why I have been burning lots and lots of welding rods practicing.  I now can make welds that look like real welds but not quite the $25 per hour welds.  I guess I would be more of a $15 an hour kinda hobby welder right now.

In case you are wondering, the rust on the springs and rest of the frame is pretty extensive thanks to Wilma but the metal is still mighty damn thick in spite of that bitch.  I have a couple of gallons of Krud Kutter rust converter, a phosphoric acid mixture that actually does a pretty fair job of stabilizing rust that I will use to pretty things up after the grinding, welding and cussing is done.  I also have two 3 ton jack stands and two 20 ton hydraulic jacks strategically located to keep the frame in place and the bus in the air, while I am performing the heavy duty surgery.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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