Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Martinis Ocean Side

The Martini fishing team is back down for a little Fishing 102 on the ocean side this year.  They have fun regardless of the conditions though I rather they have fun sweating with the biggies.  We had a very slow morning though other than Dolphin that were mainly throw backs which we caught trolling from one bottom spot to the next.  The dolphin were inside of two hundred foot and just about every where.  We did manage one little bull that was a gaffer.  The game plan though was for muttons.

On the Mutton spots it is not all that unusual to get an Amberjack or two but for Dad, it is pretty unusual so he had a grand time with his.   We also managed a large little Tunny for the area on a pinfish on the bottom in 200 foot of water.  That is a bit unusual and well received by the crew.  Unfortunately, the Mutton bite East of the light sucked big time.  We marked plenty of fish but they just didn't like the tide or temperature or something else.  Even the Yellowtail on the reef didn't want to play so we spent most of the day playing ultralight tackle dolphin catch and release.  Not what I envisioned first thing this morning and after the monsoons of yesterday, but it was a fine day with a fine crew anywho.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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