Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Schooly Tormentor

Since Captain Dave likes to pull teasers, I have rigged him a lure with knots tied in the good ole US of A that I think should be called a tormentor.  As mentioned previously we have had a spout of equipment failures related to imported crimped hooks.  Not mentioned is that the schoolies tend to knock the heck out of the teasers resulting in knock downs without hook ups.  What may be the solution is a dart tandem with hooks in both lures.  This type of thing is often done for Spanish Mackerel trolling up in North Florida but not so much down here in the Keys.

Right now it is looking like a busy June provided the weather lets me put some money in my clothes.  I already have five trips booked through the 15th and generally I get a few twofers when the fish are biting ;like now.  If you are looking to put meat in the freezer, the dolphin have moved in closer and while there are plenty of peanuts, most of the fish are legal with a good number of gaffers.  How long that is going to last is anyone's guess.

I am trying to sneak up to the Home Depot to get some epoxy and resin for the transom but the phone has been ringing pretty solid so far today.  If I get the stuff this may be a two post kinda day.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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