Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weird Day when you Catch Flying Fish

From top to bottom we have Grant with an Amberjack, Jordan with a large Little Tunny, Joseph with his carbon copy Little Tunny and then something different, Jordan with one of the 6 flying fish we caught hook and line on the reef edge.  Not a normal catch.
Flying fish are like mullet with wings.  You don't catch many mullet hook and line either.  That just goes to show what a weird day it was.

We caught the Little Tunny on pinfish on the bottom in 200 foot of water searching for Mutton Snapper.  No luck at all with the Muttons so we head to the reef for Yellowtail Snapper.  We got the 'tails up fast and boated a couple then a Porpoise aka Bottlenose Dolphin, move in to eat the one we hooked.  The Porpoise must not like big ocean Triggerfish since he/she let us get two of those for the box.  These Triggerfish  were big enough that they broke three of our hooks.  Just broke the hooks ring at the base of the barb.

Well, we have one more day in search of Mutton but it is beginning to look like the Snapper won this trip.

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 Tight lines,

 Capt. Dallas

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