Thursday, December 15, 2011

Climate Change Fishing Summit

Happy December 15th 2011 everyone. I have set aside this day for a climate change summit with emphasis on fishing. The reason fishing is emphasized is because while climate change is real, the guys in charge are about the most corrupt and ethically bankrupt bast%#ds I have ever seen.

Ooooh, thems getting sued words! Possibly, most were probably born of wedded parents :)

As most of you probably do not know, someone has leaked confidential emails and per-publication drafts of the United Nations report on climate change. These leaks have been pretty revealing of the political motivation of "scientists".

Now before I get started, there are real problems in the world with pollution, over development, political corruption, weak economies and whole enchilada. Carbon dioxide produced by burning fuel is just a part of the problem. Unfortunately, it is being used as an umbrella issue with Climate Change, to push for solutions based on political ideology. No one wins when this happens but politicians and lawyers.

To solve problems that are complex you have to break them down to smaller issues that work toward an overall solution. Things change, so the approach has to be flexible to allow for new discoveries, good or bad, that have an impact on the proper course towards an equitable solution. In other words, shit happens, you know it, be ready for it. The ideologically motivated course selected by the climate change wizards is called, putting all your eggs in one basket.

Who to trust?

The first test in any bullshit detector should be trustworthiness. Can you believe what is being said? Certainty in the midst of complexity is a dead give away. We all have been around the block and know that when experts are certain, bad things are about to happen. Most of the time the exact opposite of what the experts say. The experts call these things Black Swans. Things that no one can predict. The climate science guys are predicting "Black Swans". In their opinion, we have to prepare for the absolute worst that can happen now because it "May" happen. Preparing for an uncertain future does not mean putting all your eggs in one basket because something "May" happen. You prepare as best you can considering everything. Everyone should know that anyone with "THE" solution is blowing smoke up your ass.

Following the debate for the past few years, it is obvious that the "experts" that are confident that things have to be done "now" are over confident in their "beliefs". So on my redneck physics blog, I have started putting together a few examples of how ideology motivates people to become lying bast%#ds. Sorry for the strong language, but I don't want my science tainted with political backroom dirty tricks.

I will post any more "science" related stuff on the Redneck Physics blog and fishing related stuff on this one. I encourage everyone to think about who they should believe on both issues. Depending own your views, I recommend sending something to your local congress person whether you agree with me or not.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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  1. Hey Dallas, remember Experts, are actually just Controled Drips,none of whom know anything, some just beat their drums louder than others.
    Anyway, good luck on your new gig. Capt Bob.