Friday, December 30, 2011

What Day is it?

I think today was Day 5 with Chicago Joe. Anyway, the photo is of the catch of Lane, Mangrove and Mutton Snapper. These were mainly caught in the channel, but we hit the bridge for a while and picked up the larger mangroves and a few stories about big fish that got away.

Yesterday, the fish won. We got covered up with King Mackerel trying to yellowtail plus Amberjack and a shark or three.

I did fit in a trip the day before that with Dan and his daughter Katelynn. That was supposed to be a sailfish trip but turned into dolphin without a gaff trip. We managed to get two in the box for dinner but the rest broke off trying t5o convince them to come aboard. They were not big, but big enough that a gaff would have been handy. Those fish were inside of 300 foot. We did stop at the kiddie pool to play with the blue parrot fish, which Katelynn seemed to enjoy.

The Dolphin trip started out a bit bumpy but finished with nearly flat seas. The last two days have been 5 to 10 and great weather though I did break out my long pants.

It looks like tomorrow will be a big critter at the bridge day since they have plenty of fish for a few days, though a few more fat mangroves will always be welcome.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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