Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day Two with Chicago Joe and Crew

Bait is still a little bit of an issue. Plenty of pinfish of course, but I have not seen any ballyhoo in net range nor my thread fin herring I was expecting. So with just live shrimp and pinfish, we managed a fair catch of lane and mangrove snapper and on 22 inch red grouper.

As usual, jacks are everywhere, plenty of throw back grouper and a few big ones that got away. We started in the Bay mainly to find white bait, the jacks were wo thick that it was hard to find anything else. We hit the bridge for a while and the current and anchor didn't play well. We did get a few nice mangroves but decided to head back out to the rock piles once the current really started ripping.

On the rock piles the lanes were still thick and hungry plus a few more decent size mangroves wanted to play. The 22 inch red we got to the box was nice, but we lost one big brute to the rocks and another to a shark. The crew had an okay time, but we have done much better in the past so I had better get on the bait tomorrow so I can get some good pictures. So far though, nearly forty snapper and one keeper red.

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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