Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 3 with Chicago Joe and Nebraska Deer Jerky!

Day 3 with Joe was a struggle. The winds were just strong enough to keep the bait away and the anchor tripping. The fish we did get were nice. One Lane was 20 inches long about 3 pounds and we got a keeper red grouper. Lost nice fish to the bottom again.

Yesterday was fishing with the guys from Nebraska. I started them off at Kmart doing the basic tackle thing, then the tackle shop for chum, live bait and the things Kmart doesn't have, then we stopped by water at another tackle shop to get the things that Kmart and the first tackle shop didn't have. Christmas must have been fun since no one was back to normal yet. Then finally we set off to the Bay for some Spanish mackerel. It is a shame that Spanish have a bad reputation on the table because everyone caught plenty of fish.

Then we gave the Long Key bridge a shot, caught the tide wrong so I headed out to a channel hump to finish the day. I think they got enough ideas to have plenty of fun for the rest of the week.

They didn't break out the Nebraska grain fed deer jerky until near the end of the trip. I am a jerky junkie so I will remember that part of the trip for a while. They even had kippered jerky, YUM! Shame I am booked into next year. I might convince them they need a refresher course on sailfish or something that goes well with jerky munching :)

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Tight lines,

Capt. Dallas

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